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What is Pair Programming (PP)

If you have being a software developer for sometime you should probably have heard about Pair Programming. If you are not sure of which are the best practices and techniques, read along while I try to help you implement them in your team.

Basically, PP is two people writing, debugging and exploring code together. In theory is simple but is also hard because is a skill that needs practice to be developed. Normally there are two roles on a PP session: driver and navigator (imagine a rally car team), which are…

Recently I was faced with the following scenario, one of our clients had it’s DNS hosted on Digital Ocean but the main app was hosted on Heroku. The landing page, on the other hand, was hosted on Hover, so we needed to add a link on the landing page that redirected to the main app.

As you should know, by default a Heroku app is available at it’s Heroku domain, which has the form [name of app].herokuapp.com. For example, an app named serene-example-4269 is hosted at serene-example-4269.herokuapp.com. So to make an app visible at a non-Heroku domain we need to…

Let’s imagine that you need to use another computer to do some development work on one of your Github projects but you don’t have your computer at hand to copy your private key over. What to do then?

Generate a new SSH key

The first step is to generate a new key in your console like this:

$ ssh-keygen -o -t rsa -C "your@email.com"

make sure to substitute your@email.com with your personal email when generating the key.

When asked where do you want to store your new key, press Enter to store it on the default location.

Generating public/private rsa key pair.
Enter file in which…

fontFamily ‘Roboto_medium’ is not a system font and has not been loaded through Exponent.Font.loadAsync

Hello everyone. Today’s story is about an error that I faced recently when developing a React Native app using the Native Base UI Components library.

A fellow developer suggested that for my next project on React Native I should use Native Base because it’s a great library for UI components to remove some friction from the styling and layout tasks when building a brand new app.

So I decided to give it a try. …

In this post we are going to explain how to setup a :has_many relation in Active Admin for a Rails application.

Let’s assume that we have a couple of models: Articles and Categories with the following fields each one:

#Article Model


#Categories Model

Normally you will create a :has_and_belongs_to_many relation between the models as you normally will on Rails. (See the official documentation if you have any doubt).

After that you will create the Active Admin models using the following commands:

rails generate active_admin:resource Article
rails generate active_admin:resource Category

Now comes the tricky part: how…

On this post we are going to learn how to deliver emails in background using the Resque library and Redis database.


On the Gemfile of your project just add:

gem ‘resque’

and then execute bundle install to install all gems needed for resque to work properly.

Installing Redis

If you are using Mac just run the following commands:

$ brew install redis
$ brew services run redis // to start the redis service

If you are using GNU/Linux the recommended way is to compile from sources like this:

$ wget http://download.redis.io/redis-stable.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz
$ cd redis-stable
$ make

and then…

Setting up

Let’s create a new React Native project with the following command:

create-react-native-app medium-searcher

Important Note: If npm ask you to update the project to React Native 0.56.0, don’t do it. Until they fix the issue if you update to the latest version it breaks the project entirely.

After that let’s install some necessary dependencies:

npm install --save redux react-redux

Basic Layout

Before coding let’s start our emulator with the following commands:

npm start   // after the QR code appears press one of the following
i // for ios emulator
a // for android emulator

Now that your emulator is running let’s make…

On this tutorial we are going to see all the necessary steps to setup an S3 Amazon Bucket and use it in Rails Active Storage.

Amazon S3 Setup

Creating the bucket

The first thing we need to do is to create a Bucket in S3. Although is pretty simple to do it it could be a little bit tricky if you are doing it for the first time.

Let’s Sign in on our AWS account and go for your S3 management. To accomplish that we need to visit https://aws.amazon.com/ and click on My Account > AWS Management Console on the Top left Corner:

Login into AWS Management Console

Them provide your…

How to configure ESLint for Javascript Development and setup in Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Atom and Sublime.

If you don’t use it already, ESLint is arguably one of the most used linting plugins or tools for Javascript projects to help increase quality of code by enforcing certain rules in your code, it’s open source and is supported on almost every IDE.

Install ESLint

There are two ways of installing ESLint:

$ npm install eslint --save-dev //LOCALY PER PROJECT BASIS$ npm install -g eslint //GLOBALLY

The only difference is that when you install it globally, you also need to install all the…

How to get your stories to show up in your Rails Site

Recently I was working on AlturaSoluciones’ new website and we needed to add a Medium feed to the page so the visitors could see the recent articles that the company has published on this platform. After searching and trying various solutions I came up with a mix of two or three of them and I want to share the final result with you so you can add your Medium feed on your Rails site as well.

Getting your Medium RSS Feed URL

According to the oficial docs of Medium:

Medium provides feed for users…

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